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PowerGrip™ Lifting Hooks

PowerGrip™ Lifting Hooks - King E-Market City

PowerGrip™ Lifting Hooks

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“These help me isolate the muscle groups I'm trying to train without grip becoming an issue. This saves me so much time between sets because I don't have to wrap my lifting straps around bars, and there are no issues adjusting my hand placement, that's impossible with straps unless I unwrap them. I'll be getting another pair of these, one for my home gym, the other for my gym bag, I will not hit the gym on heavy-lift days without them.”

 - Dasilva,✅ Verified Buyer


If you're like most people, it may not be your arm strength that's lacking... It's likely your grip! Many people find that even though their arms are up for the job, they simply can't hold on securely when weight levels become intense. But that doesn't have to hold you back from continuing to make your workouts more productive and challenging. With PowerGrip™ Lifting Hooks for Men and Women, you can increase the weight and never have to worry about your grip! Now you can focus on your form in the gym instead of worrying about holding on to the bar.


✅ INCREASE IN GRIP STRENGTH -  With these lifting hooks, you don’t have to worry about your grips tiring out too soon, these help you feel an instant increase in grip strength.

✅ LIFT MORE WEIGHT WITH THE SAME STRENGTH - With these lifting hooks, your grip strength never becomes an issue and allows you to lift more with a secure grip, and helps you increase your strength.

✅ MORE MUSCLE GROWTH - These help you isolate the muscle groups you’re trying to train without grip becoming an issue as each and every rep is more targeted towards your muscle you are training.

✅ COMFORTABLE TO WEAR + HIGHLY-DURABLE - With the thick design of the wrist pad, it ensures total comfort for the use and the material does not hurt the skin. Each hook can bear a maximum weight of 330 pounds.

✅ IMPROVED STABILITY AND FORM - With the grip strength taken care of, you don’t feel wobbly and automatically have better stability while performing different pull exercises.

✅ NON-SLIP - The surface of the hooks is soft and frosted, which helps increase friction and has a good anti-slip effect, and does not hurt the hands.

✅ REDUCES INJURIES - Helps you lift heavy without any injuries as the pressure on your foreman is greatly reduced.


You know that feeling when you are in the last reps of your set but your grips just can’t handle the pressure and you have to sell yourself short. Now with the PowerGrip™ Lifting Hooks, that will never be the case and you can always complete all those sets and lift even more without any problems.


Material: Coated Steel Hooks, Rubber, Nylon Hook & Loop

Dimensions:37.5*8cm / 14.76*3.15in.

Weight: 0.55kg per pair


1 Pair(2 pcs) of PowerGrip™ Lifting Hooks



Q. Do they fit small wrists(5.25” circumference)?

A. They are adjustable and they fit people with skinny wrists as well.

Q. Any issues with pinching on the wrist?

A. It is flexible and does not pinch the wrists at all.

Q. Do they fit most bars and pullup bars in the gym?

A. Yes these fit most bars at the gym.

Q. Will this help with the deadlift?

A. It helps your grip on the bar so it allows you to do more weight/reps if your grip can’t keep up with the load. 

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