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Wireless Power Bank

Wireless Power Bank - King E-Market City

Wireless Power Bank

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Say goodbye to the data cable, wireless design,
built-in charging interface, can directly charge
the phone, let you continue to use the phone
as usual,
not tied by bulky appliances and USB cable.

Unlike wall outlets or other portable chargers,
it simplifies the entire charging process
and provides unprecedented portability.

You can just plug to your phone on
charger station for charging. One snap
and road to full charge all day


Grade-A 2600mAh Lithium Ion battery.
Most practical and powerful charger that
it can more than double your devices battery life. 

Can be carried anywhere in the pocket.
Can be plugged in while travelling
or using the mobile. Charging treasure is no longer
the burden of your travel.
Keep your device charging through every usage.
Compatible with any Apple iOs or android devices
and comes with 3 adapter types:
Lightning, Type-C and MicroUSB.
Easy To Use simply plug one of the charging
packs and it will charge you mobile anywhere.
No need to keep your phone in one place.
You can even use it while using your mobile
phone or playing games.

Product Specification:

    Material: ABS + PC
    Capacity: 2600mah

    Package Includes:

    1x Wireless Power Bank



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