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About Us

Who are we?

Let us introduce ourselves! King E-Market City is a established eCommerce shop providing the most chic and trendy accessories right to your door. We know the importance of accessorising in style and standing out of the crowd. Not to worry, no one misses out as we have a wide range of categories.

Why choose us?

With so many different stores and brands already out there it's easy for them to forget about the importance of customer relations. You could become lost in a sea of consumers which lacks the hands on service. In a world of professionalism, it's easy for successful companies to forget the needs of the customers. Your often left feeling disappointed. Here at King E-Market City you will not be forgotten! We can provide this hands on support and offer elegant and unique designs without the worry of denting your wallet.

Openness & Honesty! 

Our products are shipped from abroad which can mean a longer waiting time than normal. We appreciate the need to be open about such affairs, but rest assured your products will arrive safe and sound. Of course, there are money back guarantees if your product is not what you expected or faulty. Just have a read of our terms & condition. 

Our Customers! 

It's all about you. Our main aim is to build a strong relationship with our customers so much so that we become a brand you can trust. Here at King E-Market City we ensure our customers receive the best care from the moment you enter our store. Guaranteeing you a quick, easy and joyful online experience is a responsibility we hold with the utmost of importance.

If you have any questions, Please email us at

Our Phone number: + 1(866) -442-5464

Our address: 25 Palatine Irvine CA 92168 United States

Happy Shopping! 

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