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Balloon Launcher Car

Balloon Launcher Car - King E-Market City

Balloon Launcher Car

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 Keeps children entertained for hours

Looking for a solution to keep your kids away from screens?

This Balloon Launcher Car is a  perfect way to improve your child's motor skills & hand-eye coordination while giving him a break from having too much screen time.

The best part here is it's not only entertaining your kids for hours but also improve the child's intellectual development with more fun.

This Power Balloon Launcher Car tower toy comes in a number of fun quirky designs you can choose from with funny faces to delight your little ones.


Why this is the best toy for your Growing Child?

The perfect combination of science and fun

The point where the fun and science part meets, this toy will not only make sure that your toddler has fun but also makes sure to develop their cognitive and muscular intellect. 

Countless hours of play with no more batteries 

Finally, you don't need to worry about replacing the battery every time whenever your kids play as this car toy runs without batteries.

No choking hazard making it a perfect little addition

Children have a habit of putting everything in their mouth, and this little toy makes sure that none of the pieces are small enough to get stuck in their throat! Phew, a load off our minds!

Beautiful designs to make your kid every time he plays 

A brilliant design coming with a culmination of funny faces and attractive colors for the little ones to be excited about.



How to Use


Who knew a simple balloon car could be this fun?

So make the science more fun for your little one with the perfect little device to make sure that they are having fun learning and improve their concentration at the same time. Give them a reason to explore their creativity with this Balloon Car Toy.

Package Includes:

12X balloons

2X toy cars

1X crab car 

1X launch pack


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