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BeanBright-Unisex Reflective Beanie

BeanBright-Unisex Reflective Beanie - King E-Market City

BeanBright-Unisex Reflective Beanie

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Grantee your protection in the dark

BeanBright is the best choice for runners who wish to stay safe from vehicles and low temperatures at night! Light, breathable and extremely reflective it’s the night’s must!

Our one size fits all beanie shines from all angles when light is facing it, making you always visible to the drivers. The sweat will never wane you down as your head can breathe easily inside it.

The nighttime holds fewer dangers when BeanBright styles your head on your walks and runs. Stay warm, safe and always in the spotlight during day and night!

Why BeanBright is for you

Seen from a mile away- BeanBright reflects light from all angles to make you stand out as soon as a flash appears so no one misses you in the dark!

Be at your best- Warm and breathable, your head will stay warm, dry and safe during the night so you can always perform at your best!

Always in the spotlight- In the day, BeanBright gives you a pristine minimalist look that can match with anything you are wearing.

BeanBright is the ultimate choice- With BeanBright on you are completely protected from the night’s cold and any vehicles that pass by!

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