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CatoFresh™ - Cute Humidifier For Kids & Babies

CatoFresh™ - Cute Humidifier For Kids & Babies

CatoFresh™ - Cute Humidifier For Kids & Babies

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“This is the cutest diffuser, and my three-year-old was excited to use it and have it in his room as soon as he saw the picture of it on the box. It is easy to fill and clean, it's very quiet, and it has a light that is adjustable to different brightnesses. Even the brightest is not very bright, and that is perfect for a child's room to act as a little night light. The mist power is adjustable, and there is an auto shut-off when the water level gets too low; this is an important safety feature for a child's room. The diffuser can be set to a timer for 3 or 6 hours. One thing I appreciate is that it is very intuitive to program and use right out of the box. I also like that there are not many obvious buttons to push; since my son LOVES to push buttons, this isn't as tempting. I am very satisfied with this diffuser after having it for about a week. Highly recommend it to every family!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Jessica F.
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Finding the perfect humidifier for kids and babies is a challenge. On the one hand, they seem to have a good design, but a small tank, and on the other hand, a decent tank, but the design does not get kids excited. It can be hard to get kids to love humidifiers and experience the benefits of moisturized indoor air.

The CatoFresh™ strikes the right balance between a cute-looking design and a lasting water capacity, which helps to naturally moisturize the dry indoor air for the entire nightThe adorable-looking design makes it the perfect piece of kid's decor, while the auto turn-off feature ensures peace of mind. This ultimately leads to kids being excited about using their humidifier, and parents knowing it`s always safe. 

5 Reasons Why The CatoFresh™ Will Change Your Life

 Improves Air Quality: The CatoFresh™ utilizes water to humidify the air, which is the natural resource on the earth. Improve the quality of air, while reducing rough skin on the body and difficulty breathing with stuffy noses.

 Safe & Heathy: The CatoFresh™ is made of BPA-free material, and features auto-turn off, the technology that automatically stops running when water is out. This provides the essential peace of mind knowing the humidifier is always safe while keeping infants and children healthy


✅ Long-Lasting: Featuring a 220 ml tankCatoFresh™ can last up to 10 hours on a single fill. Enjoy both improved and hassle-free quality of air that lasts a full night.

 Extremely Quiet: Working at less than 36db, the CatoFresh™ keeps the disturbance at zero. This helps to create a quiet and comfortable sleeping, working, or studying environment for children and parents.

 Cute Modern Design: An adorable 2022 design is crafted from high-quality and durable materials that protect it from accidents. Impress kids with the cute-looking design, while reducing the body damage to a minimum.


At Authentic Decor, we understand how hard it can be to find the perfect humidifier for kids and babies. It can be overwhelming to spend time and money on different humidifiers trying to get your child to love them. A recent study shows that the cost of treating chronic nasal congestion starts from a minimum of $3,600 USD and can be as high as $10,500 USD.

With the CatoFresh™, take a deep breath and sigh out with relief to no longer try to find a great-looking and long-lasting humidifier for kids. It’s more than a humidifier, it’s an instant peace of mind that ensures your family's well-being is taken care of. Experience the benefits of naturally moisturized indoor air, while reducing health issues and improving the quality of life for the entire household. 



Product specifications:

Atomization volume: 40 ml per hour / 1.3 oz per hour
Size: 80*80*100mm / 3.15*3.15*4 In
Water tank capacity: 220 ml / 8 oz
Colors: White, Pink, Sky Blue
Weigh: 110G / 3.8 oz
Material: ABS + PP
Power supply: USB
Timing: 5h to 10h
Voltage: 5V
Power: 5W

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