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FireFountain - Indoor Oasis For Your Home

FireFountain - Indoor Oasis For Your Home - King E-Market City

FireFountain - Indoor Oasis For Your Home

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Beneficial & Beautiful Home Decor

Nature & having a clear mind come together in perfect harmony - the FireFountain Waterfall is a beautiful spectacle that will capture your imagination whilst the magical colors clear your head of stress and anxiety.

The elegant design of the rocks and foliage contrasts perfectly with the beautiful floating mist to make for an unforgettable centerpiece.

Create Your Oasis

Turn your living space into a stress free and relaxing environment with the calming FireFountain. Perfect for any area to create a stunning display.

Simple & easy to start using. You will soon be a master of the relaxation arts, ready to amaze your friends & family. 

An Unforgettable Gift

Gift one to friends or family and watch their jaw drop in amazement, disbelief and confusion. Reactions to FireFountain are sure to make you smile.

Give something unexpected! Perfect for special occasions such as a wedding, anniversary, valentines, birthday or Christmas.


- Helps relieve stress and anxiety
- Fits anywhere in your house
- Beautiful sound of water trickling down the rocks
- Can turn off the LED lights
- Perfect for growing small plants & bonsai
- Perfect for raising Goldfish


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