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FlameHumidifier™ Flame Aromatherapy Machine

FlameHumidifier™ Flame Aromatherapy Machine

FlameHumidifier™ Flame Aromatherapy Machine

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"At night so pretty. Flame certainly felt everywhere. It works very well and brings out a cool smell. The flame effect makes us feel so warm. Its adjustable. I 've fallen in love with this humidifier! Anyway, this will be the most amazing feeling best humidifier I have ever seen.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Theresa D
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Do you love the romantic vibe with fire and forest fresh air around you? but find it hard to make it in real in your home?
We know how romantic and healing vibe it brings when there is fire flame near us. especially at night, And imagine how amazing you feel in the forest breathing fresh air? Air with moisture and fire flame nearby, while we sleep, can make the space mindblowing! But it's hard to feel every day this vibe normally. That's why we have brought you the crazy FlameHumidifier™ that creates an awesome healing atmosphere for you in your space.

The FlameHumidifier™ moisturizes the air continuously. It shows a realistic flame effect which brings the atmosphere of romantic and healing effect at night for more restful sleep. With 360°uniform humidification feature, you can breathe the fresh air, smell the fresh air like you are in a forest. It's designed with LED lights combined with mist.




Simulation Flame: The FlameHumidifier™ makes your room look cool, it is very suitable as a winter decoration.

Essential Oil Diffuser: You can put 2-3 drops of essential oils(not included) in the water to make the aroma tangy, and add a warm and romantic atmosphere to the room.

Night Light: The FlameHumidifier™ with soft light will bring you romantic company at night.

Auto-off: There is a built-in water level sensor inside that will automatically turn off the power when the water is lower than the safe water level.

Keep You Healthy: This personal FlameHumidifier™ can not only help adjust dry air in the air-conditioned room but also moisturizes your skin, relieves nasal congestion, and purifies the air, keeping you healthy all the time.

6M Remote Control: Operate from distance without needing to go near the device every time. Diffusers for essential oils come with a remote control that allows you to operate them in 6M, it is very convenient. Diffusers can be set automatically timing off for 1/3/6h.

8H Continuous Humidifying: This cool mist FlameHumidifier™ tank is 200ml which will last about 8H humidifying. Add essential oils to the water to relieve Fatigue, reduce stress. It can also purify and humidify the air to keep you away from dry skin and chapped lips.

Great Gift for Family and Friends: Essential oil diffuser is new and creative, and it comes with a gift box. So it is a perfect holiday gift for friends and family.




Product color: White / Black
Product size (mm): 171 * 75 * 101mm
Rated input: dc5 0V / 2.0A working current: ≤ 900mA rated power: ≤ 4.5w
Water tank capacity: 180ml spray volume: 15-20ml/h
Timed shutdown: automatic power-off protection without water
Product material: ABS / PP / electronic components
Executive standard: GB4706 1-2005



FlameHumidifier™ Aromatherapy machine * 1,
type C power cord * 1,
Chinese and English instructions * 1




Aromatherapy function: add water into the water tank (not exceeding the water level line), add an appropriate amount of essential oil, briefly press the atomization switch button to start aromatherapy atomization; briefly press again to stop atomization.

Lighting function: short press the light switch button to turn on the flame atmosphere light; Long press again to increase the brightness of flame atmosphere light by 30%; Short press again; Turn off the flame atmosphere light.

Protection function: built-in water shortage protection chip, automatically stop working after detecting no water


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