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Glowpine-Custom Christmas Lights

Glowpine-Custom Christmas Lights - King E-Market City

Glowpine-Custom Christmas Lights

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Nothing lits the Christmas tree quite like Glowpine

There are many Christmas lights out there but none can match Glowpine in beauty and variety. Each LED light is fully customizable in color, brightness, and pattern to make the night truly special!

Using the app, you can fully paint out the tree in whatever color you wish and set a custom glowing pattern to make your holiday décor, unlike anything one has ever seen!

Why Glowpine is for you

The power is yours- The thousand LED lights shine in all colors of the spectrum and in various ways you can choose from.

Paint with colors- You have total control over the color scheme of the Christmas tree. Use the app to set a colorful tone just with your fingers.

The jolliest décor- Greet the Christmas holidays with a warm welcome from the jolliest festive lights on the market!

Glowpine is the ultimate choice- Paint up the colors, sync the glowing pattern with some music and you are ready for the merriest Christmas night of all!

Glowpine gives you ultimate control over the Christmas lights and even the option to sync them with the playing music and bring festive joy to the whole family!


  • Voltage: 5V
  • Power Source: DC
  • Certification: CE
  • Lighting Distance: 6-10m
  • Remote Control: yes
  • Light SourceLED Bulbs
  • Color: MULTI
  • FeaturesChangeable color


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