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HeroLight™ LED Headband

HeroLight™ LED Headband

HeroLight™ LED Headband

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“This has to be the best headlamp out there!  It is extremely bright and fits comfortably on my head and over my helmet.  The motion activation feature is absolutely awesome, and it is rechargeable.  Definitely a must have item for camping, fishing, biking, and fixing things at home.”

- Daniel C.
Verified Buyer

Poor lighting poses serious dangers to people engaged in activities both outdoors and at home.  Normal flashlights and headlamps only light up a limited field of view that is inadequate for proper lighting and safety, and they are a hassle to operate.  Slip and fall accidents caused by poor lighting are the second leading cause of trauma related injuries in the United States because people are more likely to misjudge distances, shapes, and sizes in the dark.

Presenting the HeroLight™ a LED headband that features a wide angle design with 230 degrees of illumination for a full field of view everywhere you look.  The HeroLight™ provides safety and comfort through a promise of exceptional quality and unmatchable convenience.  Enjoy being able to clearly see everything around you while having both hands free to maximize your effectiveness and safety.


The HeroLight™ features a wide-angle design with 350 lumens that illuminates up to 1600 square feet of space.  It follows one's gaze and lights up the entire visual field including peripheral vision for maximum safety and productivity.

It is designed for a perfect fit with an elastic headband that is adjustable to comfortably fit anyone even with a hat or helmet.  Its lightweight and ergonomic design makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of use.

The HeroLight™ is equipped with a motion activation sensor for turning the unit on and off with the wave of a hand.  This feature is perfect for turning the HeroLight™ on and off when wearing gloves or engaging in physical activities.

It features a wide angle COB light and a side XPE spotlight with a total of 5 lighting modes to light up any situation.  The side XPE spotlight is perfect for seeing something far away or using around a campsite to protect the eyes of fellow campers.

The HeroLight™ is IPX4 level water resistant for dependable and safe use under any weather conditions including rain and snow.  It is lightweight and foldable which makes it easy to carry and store, and it is perfect for staying safe and efficient when traveling.

The HeroLight™ features a built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery and includes a USB type C cable that allows for faster charging and is compatible with any USB outlet for maximum convenience.  The battery lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge for reliable use on longer trips and power outages.

We understand how terrifying it can be to operate in the dark without being able to see what we are doing.  Furthermore, it can be very frustrating having to deal with the hassle of operating flashlights and headlamps that are inefficient and inadequate.  A recent study shows that slip and fall accidents result in thirty thousand deaths and eight million injuries in the United States every year and are most commonly caused by insufficient lighting.

Thankfully, with the HeroLight™ we can take a deep breath and appreciate seeing a clear view of our surroundings.  The HeroLight™ features a full 230 degrees of illumination that lights up your entire field of view flawlessly while freeing your hands so you can maximize your efficiency and productivity.  The HeroLight™ provides the proper illumination for you to enjoy doing the things you love while protecting yourself and others.



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