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IAB™ Minimalist Electric Screwdriver

IAB™ Minimalist Electric Screwdriver

IAB™ Minimalist Electric Screwdriver

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"I recently bought furniture for my new house. Initially, I was using a manual screwdriver to assemble, but it was extremely time-consuming, and, in the process, I hurt my wrist and got blisters on my fingers. But thankfully, I came across this Electric Screwdriver that is fast, safe, and comes with a variety of screws. This has worked wonders for me, and my wife is super impressed because I was able to set it up all by myself! I highly recommend it as it’s a great tool for all households!"

Matt P ✅ Verified Buyer


Be a Home Handyman with Ease!


Common DIY work that is needed in most households includes assembling pre-fab furniture, wall decorations and various small repairs. Most people use manual screwdrivers to accomplish these tasks, but they cause blisters or wrist injuries that could lead to fractures. Another option is the use of electrical screw guns, but they can be considered bulky and frankly an over-kill for what is required for your household needs.


Introducing the IAB™ Minimalist Electric Screwdriver – equipped with a 3-phase torque mechanism, enabling you to undertake any DIY tasks around the house with maximum speedease and precision. It features a smart safety lock and ergonomic smooth touch, that will keep you safe. Now you can be the handyman you've always wanted to be and keep your house in top condition! 


Here is how the IAB™ Minimalist Electric Screwdriver will change your life...


✅ ULTRA FAST: Featuring a metallic gearbox and a powerful 220 RPM magnetic motor, the IAB™ Minimalist Electric Screwdriver allows you to complete most jobs faster, saving you lots of time!


✅ DURABLEThe IAB™ Minimalist Electric Screwdriver comes with a 1500mAH huge capacity battery, so they last much longer. Once fully charged is capable of 1000 rotations, making it far superior to comparable products on the market!



✅ USER EXPERIENCE: The IAB™ Minimalist Electric Screwdriver has one-touch functionality for screwing and unscrewing, as well as an intelligent mechanical knob for adjusting the torque setting which provides a remarkable user experience. 



✅ VERSATILE: Integrated with 12 high-quality S2 Steel screws, the IAB™ Minimalist Electric Screwdriver can work on a variety of surfaces including electronics, furniture, and metal, eliminating the need for additional devices.



✅ SAFETY FIRST: Providing protection for your safety, the IAB™ Minimalist Electric Screwdriver has been fitted with an automatic safety lock, that will only work when you switch it on.



✅ SHADOWLESS LIGHT: The IAB™ Minimalist Electric Screwdriver is fitted with a shadowless LED light which ensures precision even when working with minimal lighting or in hard-to-reach places.


In Action!


Get the job done fast and safely!


We are aware of how frustrating it is when you cant find a tool that is both reliable and precise for your household DIY tasks. Since it is readily available, you either use a manual screwdriver or an electrical screw-gun, but whichever one you use you have found them either bulkyunsafe, or ineffective on smaller screws. A recent study found that most American households still use manual screwdrivers that lead to nearly 10 million injuries annually.


Thankfully, the IAB™ Minimalist Electric Screwdriver alleviates this problem, by enabling you to complete a multitude of household DIY tasks with precision and reliability! This versatile multifunctional tool works on a variety of surfaces and operates with a high-strength motor that gets the job done fast! Now, you have the absolute best in one compact tool with a minimalistic interface making you the go-to person for all your household DIY Tasks!


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