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Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella

Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella

Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella

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“I've used this umbrella so many times and love it. It even held up really well in high winds and never turned inside out. Love that it closes without getting me wet when I close it. It fits perfectly inside my laptop bag and doesn't take up all of room either. Very sturdy material and great quality. Highly, highly recommend.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Richard Kissick
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There’s nothing more annoying than waking up in the morning on a rainy day and having to go out to work or school. The hassle of getting into a car or bus without being wet by the heavy rain or by the excess of water falling out of the umbrella is exasperating. Furthermore, having to deal with a soaked umbrella, which will drip in all over the car floor, or worse, on those precious valuables on the car seat can be frustrating and rarely enjoyable.

The Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella has an innovative technology that folds in a reverse manner making it effortless to enter or exit cars, doors, or other small and tight spaces completely dry. In addition, the Iconic Umbrella is surrounded by elegant white reflective stripes that ensure high visibility during low light and rainy conditions. This extra layer of visibility alert drivers to the road ahead and allows pedestrians, and commuters to walk safely and with confidence.


✅  UNIQUE INVERTED TECHNOLOGY: The Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella opens and closes in a reverse manner. This ingenious system makes it ideal to be opened out of tight spaces before stepping outside, which allows its user to be protected and dry even during heavy rain.

✅  WINDPROOF AND WEATHER RESISTANCE: The Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella is built with 10 reinforced premium fiberglass ribs and a high-density waterproof material. The sturdy construction makes it virtually windproof and water repellent, saving money in the long run.

✅  HIGH SAFETY REFLECTIVE EDGE: The Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella is surrounded by 360º elegant reflective stripes. This enhances personal safety, as it highlights the presence of pedestrians to drivers in rainy and low visibility environments.

✅  EASY TO OPEN AND CLOSE: The Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella has a fully automated system that allows to open or close it with a press of a button. This simple mechanism allows the umbrella to unfold quickly maintaining its user dry and protected.

✅  COMFORTABLE FLASHLIGHT HANDLE: With an extended handle made with non-slip material, the Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella is very comfortable to hold. It has an energy-efficient Led flashlight that allows its user to see the path ahead in rainy and low visibility conditions.

✅  COMPACT AND PORTABLE: The Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella is built with lightweight and groundbreaking materials. With a 105cm canopy that can fit two persons, is still compact enough to be easily stored in any backpack, or briefcase making it perfect for daily use.

✅  WATER DRIP-FREE SYSTEM: The Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella has an innovative design that keeps the water inside the umbrella. Its drip-free system allows the water to slowly evaporate away, making the umbrella dry and ready to use the next time it is opened.


We understand how annoying it can be to get caught in a windy rainstorm and have only a poorly designed umbrella, especially if we can’t afford to show up at our destination soaking wetIt can be very frustrating trying to enter into a car or office building in heavy rain holding an open umbrella. We try to quickly close the umbrella but then the edges come in toward the handle and generously dump all the excess water on our clothes leaving us feeling miserable for the rest of the day.

With the Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella, we can look at rainy days with confidence without having to worry again to be wet when entering or exiting small spaces. The Iconic Led Inverted Umbrella has an ingenious design where the center of the umbrella slides down, and the edges tilt up, just like a flower closing its petals. This motion not only allows its users to move freely in crowded and tiny spaces but also captures the excess rainwater which helps them to stay drier, comfortable, and in good mood on rainy days.





Size: 105cm Canopy
Weight: 0.35 kg


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