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Premium Lash Lift Kit

Premium Lash Lift Kit - King E-Market City

Premium Lash Lift Kit

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Our professional Lash Lift & Brow Lift kit contains

  • Permanent-liquid

  • The fixing liquid

  • Care oil Cleanser

  • False lashes glue

  • Lift pads

  • Clean tool 

Who is this product for?

This product is for anyone who wants to lift their lashes at home and wants them to be natural & look natural. It's very simple to use and instructions are also included with the package. If there are any further questions, feel free to contact us at our 24/7 email customer support. 

Can I use this product myself?

Yes, as previously mentioned our product is very simple to use and has been made to be that way. We believe that anyone should be able to do their eyelashes from home for cheap and still have great results. Instructions on how to use the product is included.

How long does the kit usually last?

Each application usually lasts EIGHT WEEKS and it's reusable up to 15 times before having to get a new one! That is more than TWO YEARS of beautiful lashes!

Security and recommendations

Read all instructions clearly before using the product. is not responsible for incorrect use of the product or allergic reactions and we always recommend doing a patch test 24 hours before treatment.


Lash Lift - Step by Step

This professional kit is used to permanently bend your eyelashes and/or to raise your brows.

Step by step instructions for Lash Lift:
Note that in addition to the products in the box that you get, you need a clean mascara brush, plastic wrap, cotton rounds, and some tips for the best results. When applying the fluids, try. Permanent lashes on one eye at a time if you do it yourself.

Step 1: Use the # 4 CLEANSER to clean the lashes

Step 2: Glue your LIFT PADS to the upper eyelid using the Glue False Lashes Glue. Be patient and be careful. If you apply the glue to your Lift Pad and wait a few seconds, it will stick to your eyelids more easily.

Step 3: Apply the False Lashes Glue glue to the lashes and fix them upwards against the LIFT PADS that is on the eyelid.

Step 4: Carefully apply the permanent liquid # 1 PERM with a top on your lashes

Step 5: Cover your lashes with plastic wrap for 10-12 minutes and leave to work

Step 6: Remove the plastic wrap and comb away from the permanent liquid with CLEAN TOOL

Step 7: Apply # 2 FIXATION to the lashes with a tops

Step 8: Cover your lashes with plastic wrap for 10-12 minutes and leave to work

Step 9: Remove the plastic wrap and use # 4 CLEANSER to clean the lashes with a top and a cotton pad

Step 10: Use a top and moisturize your lashes with nourishing oil # 3 NUTRITION 

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