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LEDsense-Motion Sensor Nightlight

LEDsense-Motion Sensor Nightlight - King E-Market City

LEDsense-Motion Sensor Nightlight

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Automate your home’s lighting

Bright up your home in all the right ways! LEDsense helps you bring proper lighting to the darker corners of your home in a simple and innovative way without any complications.

Stick them easily in your wardrobe, attic or at the staircase to tread easily in the night. No need to install them to a switch, their motion detectors light up as soon as you get close. 

You don’t have to fumble around in the dark, use LEDsense to instantly bright up every gloomy part of your home without complicated installations or searching for switches!

Why LEDsense is for you

Step into the light- Stop wondering in the dark, easily bring light to the poorly lit corners of your home as soon as you get near them!

Instant brightness- Put a light bulb anywhere you need without any hard work. Just stick LEDsense to the wall to get an instant light source!

Ditch the switch- Tired of searching for the switches? Leave it to LEDsense’s motion sensors to light up your path when night comes!

LEDsense is the ultimate choice- Enjoy a more bright way of living, bring an automated lighting solution anywhere near or around your home!


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