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Line-Racer™ - King E-Market City


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Finally! The perfect Christmas gift for children 2-7 year’s old!

The Line-Racer™ sparks imagination as children dive deep into the world of creativity. Here, they develop crucial life skills and enjoy a unique blend of fun & education!

"One of the only toys that can entertain my 3-year old. Great toy to develop their creativity too!"

- Cathy from Boulder, Colorado


What Makes the Line-Racer™ So Awesome?’s fun, it’s educational and it keeps the kiddos occupied for hours at a time. 

What’s not to love?

In addition to being fun, the Line-Racer™ helps children learn cooperation, develop self-confidence, and enhance creativity with the infinite ways to play with this toy!

The possibilities are truly endless:

🏁 Bored? Start a race!

🎨 Feeling creative? Design a maze!

🚀 Or...create an entire city to explore!

Watch as your kids flourish right in front of your eyes.

Boost Creativity & Imagination

Improve Fine Motor Skills

Enhance Cognitive Ability

Develop Self-Confidence

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Kids!

See Why Kids LOVE the Line-Racer!

...and why yours will too!

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