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Magic Gel Nail Removal

Magic Gel Nail Removal - King E-Market City

Magic Gel Nail Removal

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"The amount of acetone used in the little cup is minimal. I have had over 60 days I believe and I do not have any complaints. So far so good."

- Veronica S. ✅ Verified Buyer


Do you still use the traditional way or go-to nail salon to remove your nail gels? 

Stop wasting your money and time! With our Magic Gel Nail Remover, you can remove the nail polish for just 5-10 minutes in the comfort of your home, while you are watching a TV or using your smartphone. Never waste your time and effort trying to remove nail polish finger by finger. It works simultaneously on all 5 fingers!

Do you feel your nails weak after removing nail gels with the traditional way?

The beauty of nails is a result of their strength. Don't ruin your nails by scraping hard, just relax, put your hand into the machine for 5-10 min, and see the gel comes off your nails like a peel!!

Why Our Nail Polish Remover Is Perfect For You: 

✅ Convenience and Safe: Fingers don't need to touch the removal gel, It's safer and easier than traditional nail polish remover kit.

✅ Professional and Harmless: Using steam to eliminate nail polish will not harm your skin and nails. The combination of heat and water vapor helps to soften the gel nail polish.

✅ Save Time & Money: The nail polish on 5 nails can be washed at once and the gel can be removed in a short time. The LED gel is about 5 minutes and the UV gel is about 10 minutes.

✅ Reusable Design: You can use it how many times you want. It will definitely be your best helper for nail polish removing FOREVER!  

✅ Suitable for All Nails: One-time completion of five fingers. Great for removing different kinds of nails including nail polish, acrylic nails, shellac, acrylic and more.

✅ Compact & Portable: Its compact design allows you to carry it with you, wherever you go. Don't worry about your nails during your holidays and adventures! 

How To Use: 

1. Open the top cover of the steamer

2. Pour into 5 - 10ml gel removal solution (note: it must be poured into the plastic cup)

3. File the top coat gently

4. Turn on the power switch, then the light“H” will on, after a while ( about 2 minutes ), the light“S” will on, at that time you can put your fingers into 5 holes

5. The LED gel can be removed easily after 5 minutes, but for the extension of UV gel, it will take 10 minutes.

6. Use the nail stick to remove gel polish quickly before it gets dry.

Package Includes: 

1 x Nail Steamer

1 x Power Cable

2 x Water Bowl

4 x Finger Isolated Leather

1 x  Cuticle Pusher

1 x Manual and Warranty Card

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