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Mosquito Killer Ultraviolet Light

Mosquito Killer Ultraviolet Light - King E-Market City

Mosquito Killer Ultraviolet Light

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Material ABS+PP

Input 220V

Rated power 5W rated voltage DC5V

Power cord length 1.2M

Product size 120x108x211mm

Product weight 425g



1. LED mosquito killers use physical means to kill mosquitoes, bedbugs, flies and other insects.

2. Non-toxic, free of harmful chemicals or radiation, safe for humans and pets.

3. Widely used. Suitable for home, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, etc.

4. Ultra-quiet and elegant design. The built-in fan can run quietly without disturbing your precious sleep.

5. Easy to disassemble and clean. Powered by a USB cable that plugs into any mobile power source, computer or mobile phone charger.

Package Content:

1 x killer light mosquito

1 x USB cable

1 x Instruction manual

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