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Multifunctional Electric Cordless Hammer Drill

Multifunctional Electric Cordless Hammer Drill - King E-Market City

Multifunctional Electric Cordless Hammer Drill

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Meet Your Multiple Needs with Our Hammer 


Whether you're a professional or just a creative being looking for a drill hammer for any projects around the house,  Our Multifunctional Electric Cordless Brushless Rotary drill Hammer will be your trusted partner. It will be your wise choice that can be applied for your different needs like dismounting walls, breaking floors, decorating houses, etc.

 Adapt to a variety of work scenarios that are easy to switch

Maximum Power for Drilling 


This 800 watt rotary drill motor stands up to any heavy duty projects you might have with concrete, brick, or even solid steel. It delivers a powerful 5 ft-lb impact at a no load rotational speed of 1000rpm and a no load impact frequency of 4200 bpm. Motor will not be at high temperature even after a long time working.

The drilling machine required 19800mAH Lithium-Ion battery & 128V power supply voltage is superior to drill 26mm    

4 Modes for Different Needs


Perfect for multiple jobs that requires more than just drilling. This rotary hammer drill provides you 4 functions including: Hammer Only Function for Chiseling, Hammer Drill Function for Hammering and Rotation, Drill Only Function for Rotational Drilling.

The safety clutch system protects users’ safety when the machine is overloading.

360 Swivel Handle Anti-dust Design 


Reposition the included side handle with textured grip any position that you are working in. Whether it is an awkward angle or a hard to reach area, the auxiliary handle will complement your stance and help give you leverage while drilling. Ergonomic design provides great user comfort with a soft-grip handle



Complete motor protection structure designed to prevent dust coming into the motor during working. It allows our users to work in a dusty working situation.

Multiple Applications


This uniquely designed hammer has a wide range of use. From air conditioning installation to any home improvement task. It can be used as an electric hammer, electric drill, electric pick, wood drilling, wall perforation, concrete crushing.



Power supply voltage 128V
Battery capacity 19800mAH Lithium-Ion (included) 
Size  30 x 20 x 22 cm 
Color As seen
Weight 5kg 

Package Included:

1 x Cordless brushless hammer
1 x Charger
1 x Battery
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Packing box
1 x Handle

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