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PlantBliss™ | Fast Tying Of Branches

PlantBliss™ | Fast Tying Of Branches

PlantBliss™ | Fast Tying Of Branches

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"I originally purchased this for our small vineyard while planting new grapevines, but I find it is even handier for my vegetable garden as well and for blackberries, and fruit trees. Great for tagging things, so you can write with a marker on it as well. Very happy with this and highly recommend it! "

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Tying plant branches of each plant separately is a must for a good harvest, but most of the time it is a difficult operation since it requires an awkward position. Manual tying with zip ties or wire takes a long time and frequently results in finger joint discomfort, blisters, and a lot of squatting and kneeling. Traditional plant tying does not provide the optimum support and frequently damages the plants, especially during fast growth.


PlantBliss ™ allows quick and easy tying of various plants like grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers, grapevines, and, in short, any plant that needs to be tied. The operation is simple with one hand and provides for an easy opening width that can be altered at any moment based on the width required and fasten branches with soft tape.  This one-of-a-kind tool lowers kneeling and speeds up tying, making gardening a more comfortable and pleasurable activity.






🍅 SOFT PLANT TAPE: This extremely soft material protects the branches' outer surfaces during support and rapid growth. As a result, plants are always well supported and can yield more fruit.

🍅 EASY BRANCH TYING: Working with PlantBliss™ is simple, enjoyable, and quick, and it decreases the number of squats and kneels. This takes garden work to a higher level and makes it faster and more enjoyable.



🍅 OPERATION WITH ONE HAND: Attaching plant branches with PlantBliss™ is so easy that can do with just one hand. The other hand is always free, which simplifies the operation and allows it to be used to assist in catching the plants.


🍅 WORK 10 TIMES FASTER: Tying is extremely fast and precise, which allows the work to be done 10 times faster. Finishing work quickly permits one to complete other vital horticultural activities on the same day.



🍅 VARIOUS APPLICATIONS:  PlantBliss™ can be used on a variety of plants, including grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and flowers. This adds to the convenience of usage on all plants that require high stability.


We understand how painful it is to bend or kneel innumerable times to connect each plant separately. This causes back and knee pain, and often blisters on the fingers also appear, which makes gardening less enjoyable. According to a recent study, plants may yield up to 15% less fruit if they have inappropriate support and are too compressed.


Thankfully, PlantBliss™ accelerates and simplifies the tying of plant branches that require support for fruit growth. This one-of-a-kind tool is simple to use with one hand, reducing the amount of bending over, and soft tape provides adequate support. Every day in the garden is a total pleasure as you perform one chore more easily and quickly.






    1X PlantBliss™
    1X  Replacement blade
    6x Tapes
    1x Box of 10.000 Staples

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