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PortaPump™ Portable Air Pump

PortaPump™ Portable Air Pump

PortaPump™ Portable Air Pump

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“I was really skeptical about a wireless pump, but I have to admit this gadget is awesome, the features are absolutely amazing. It has different settings and is also able to be programmable to shut off when it hits the pressure desired. This is definitely a must have to keep in the car for those times in need.”

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Cars are a staple of everyday life, however it’s no secret that they can have problems. Flat tires are an extremely common occurrence, and for most the solution is simply to call a tow truck or mechanic for assistance. Waiting roadside for someone to come to the rescue causes extreme stress and discomfort, with the proper tool this headache could have been avoided

PortaPump™ features a speedy inflation time, user-friendly interface, compact size, built in features, and SOS capabilities providing the ultimate comfort while traveling. The air pump utilizes advanced wireless technology allowing for versatility, portability, and safety. Experience a newfound peace of mind on the road and enjoy saving money on roadside assistance bills!



FAST INFLATION: The air pump goes up to 150 PSI which allows for speedy hassle-free inflation. This feature allows for tires to get back to life fast, saving the dreadful experience of being stranded!

PORTABLE: PortaPump™ fits in the palm of a hand, measuring in at a whopping 6.7 inches in length! The air pump’s incredible size provides the ultimate convenience for usage and travel.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The all-in-one air pump can be used to inflate cars, motorcycles, bikes, and balls. PortaPump™ provides confidence and convenience in whatever situation arises. 

POWER BANK: PortaPump™ features a lightning-fast power bank that allows for compatibility with all smartphone chargers. This all-in-one air pump keeps a phone charged no matter the location or situation! 

LED FLASHLIGHT:  PortaPump™ features three luminous LED lighting modes. The built-in flashlight includes Regular Light, Strobe Light and Emergency Light (SOS) which allows for feeling safe and secure at all times!

EASY TO USE: To use PortaPump™ simply chose the mode, preset pressure, start inflation, and it will automatically stop when it hits the desired pressure level. With this air pumps easy to use design, it provides an exceptionally user-friendly experience!





We understand how frustrating it can be to get a flat tire, as a result it can turn a great day awry in no time. Waiting on the side of the road for roadside assistance can be a massive inconvenience due to lost time. A recent study showed that AAA responds to over 4 million flat tire calls a year, with an average response time of over an hour long!

Thankfully, with PortaPump™ inflating tires will become a breeze due to its revolutionary design and function. PortaPump™ is the premier choice for portable air pumps, due to its compact size and versatility. Enjoy a newfound peace of mind while on the road, knowing that this air pump can save you money as well as headaches!





Material: Metal 

Size: 172*70*52mm 

Current: 5A 

Voltage: 12v

Power Cord Length: 100CM 

Power: 60W




(1) All-In-One Air Pump

(1) USB Type C Cable

(1) Air Hose

(1) Storage Bag

(1) DC12V Power Cord


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