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Premium Carver - Wood Carving Bits

Premium Carver - Wood Carving Bits - King E-Market City

Premium Carver - Wood Carving Bits

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Here is the perfect tool for polishing woodcrafts with SMOOTHEST finish!

Carve out perfect contours on wood crafts using our Premium Carver - Wood Carving BitsWell made of wear-resistant tungsten steel that is perfect for shaping, grinding, engraving, and removing sharp corners on any type of wood!

Perfectly carve out wood with ease and maximum controlThese bits pare away wood much faster than other burrs, yet leave a smooth surface. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY guy, you can use these bits on any carving projectsTurn any wood into a woodwork masterpiece!

  • half-round groove tip - these carving bits are built with a half-round groove tip that perfectly carves out wood with ease and maximum control
  • wide usage - excellent for carving, engraving, forming and drilling any type of wood
  • high-speed precision carving - creates highly intricate woodworking details that work ideally even on hardwood material
  • shapes wood crafts FAST and SMOOTHLY
  • fits all drill and rotary tools - comes with different diameters to choose for different carving needs
  • easy to use - simply attach it to your drilling tool and use it as a typical bit

How to use:

  • place the drill bit in an electric drill with 3 mm size of carving bit
  • tighten chuck and set drill rotation for drilling
  • use a protective mask or glasses to protect your eyes from the debris getting flung up in your face
  • then you can start with the carving process

Material: tungsten steel
Small: 3 mm x 4 mm (0.11 in x 0.15 in)
Medium: 3 mm x 6 mm (0.11 in x 0.23 in)
Large: 3 mm x 8 mm (0.11 in x 0.31 in)
Package includes: 1 x carving bit / 3 x carving bits

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