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PrimaSterilizer™ - Revolutionary Toothbrush Holder & Sterilizer

PrimaSterilizer™ - Revolutionary Toothbrush Holder & Sterilizer

PrimaSterilizer™ - Revolutionary Toothbrush Holder & Sterilizer

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"I am in love and I use this sanitizer all the time! I'm one to brush my teeth 2-3 times a day, sometimes more, and it keeps my mind at ease that my toothbrush is getting fully sanitized and I am using a clean brush every time I use it! All I have to do is rinse my toothbrush with piping hot water, tap the excess out, pop it in and it does the rest. I have had toothbrushes get mold on them from a standard toothbrush holder, so it's an amazing way of keeping them fresh. My kids and husband also love it! Recommend it 100%, and I am very grateful for this thing!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Jessica P.
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Toothbrushes by themselves are not sterile, they hold millions of germs and bacteria unless they are sanitized. Day after day bacteria keeps growing and multiplying, which could lead to a range of bad health conditions. It`s a frustrating feeling to use a brush that could result in diarrhea and in some cases cause skin infection.

The PrimaSterilizer™ features a revolutionary UV technology that kills up to 99.9% of germs in just 2 minutes, which makes their growth impossible. The best part is that it automatically sanitizes both toothbrushes and toothpaste every 6 hours or 4 times a day, so the brush always stays safe to use. Experience the peace of mind of germ-free toothbrushing, while making the toothbrush feel like new after every use.

6 Reasons Why The PrimaSterilizer™ Will Change Your Life

 Removes 99.9% Of Germs: UV sterilization technology kills up to 99.9% of bad bacteria, making the toothbrush feel like new before and after every use. Keep germs at bay and improve the sterility of the toothbrush that is being used multiple times a day. 

 Quick-Sterilization: Thanks to its revolutionary UV technology, it takes under 2 minutes to kill and completely sterilize the toothbrush. This ensures a safe toothbrushing experience with a click of a button for the entire family.


 Premium Modern Design: With a stunning new 2022 design, the PrimaSterilizer™ features a wall-mounted holder that’s bolt-free. Enhance the look and feel of any bathroom, without having to drill holes.  

 Convenient Toothpaste Dispenser: The PrimaSterilizer™ features a built-in toothpaste dispenser that is both sterilized and very convenient to use. Improve the toothbrushing experience, while making the process more comfortable and safe. 

 Long Battery Life & Solar Charging: The PrimaSterilizer™ features light energy charging, enabling it to last up to 3 months on a single plug charge. This makes it extremely convenient to use without constant charges while keeping the bathroom looking nice and neat.

 Automated Sterilization With Scheduling: The PrimaSterilizer™ features fully automatic sterilization that happen every 6 hours or 4 times a day, with the option to set up daily sanitizing routines. Whatever the need might be, the toothbrushes are sure to be always sanitized and safe to use.


At Authentic Decor, we understand how nasty it can be to brush our teeth with a toothbrush that contains millions of germs and bacteria. It can be very frustrating to keep using something that`s unsafe every day and can be the cause of illness. A recent study by the England's University of Manchester found that one uncovered toothbrush can harbor more than 100 million bacteria, that cause diarrhea and skin infections.

With the PrimaSterilizer™, take a deep breath and sigh out with relief to no longer worry about germs in your toothbrush, and even catching an illness because of it. It`s more than just toothbrush sanitizer, it provides instant peace of mind for the entire family. Experience the joy of brushing your teeth knowing that it’s safe while improving the look and convenience of your bathroom.

Product Specification: 

Material: Plastic

Battery Capacity: 5V

Product Colours: Black / White

Weight: 450 Grams / 16 ounches

Product Size: 21CM *8.5CM*5CM / 8.2In*3.3In*2In

Package Contents: x1 PrimaSterilizer™, x1 charging cable, x1 user manual, x1 wall holder

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