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Sleeping Roamer™ - Air Pad

Sleeping Roamer™ - Air Pad

Sleeping Roamer™ - Air Pad

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“Whether for camping, hiking, or indoor, this is a great inflatable sleeping pad. The air pockets support your body well. I have chronic lower back pain (mild), and the mattress did not make it worse, but comfortable. The pump (press by feet) works very well, and the air deflates very quickly as well. All in all, this is a great choice for camping, hiking, or backpacking. Recommended!”

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Over the last few years, outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, or camping have gained a lot of popularity, but they came with some challenges. For most people, it's uncomfortable and painful to sleep on the hard, uneven ground not to mention not getting all the insulation and warmth needed in cold weather. Not having the proper sleeping gear can bring severe back and neck pain not allowing to refresh the mind and body properly to enjoy nature during the daytime.

The Sleeping Roamer™ Air Pad is the perfect sleeping solution for active outdoor enthusiasts who want to get the most out of hiking or camping trips. Made of a double-layerlightweight fabric, the Sleeping Roamer™ has an innovative cubed surface design that fits the body’s natural curves. Furthermore, it has an integrated air pillow that provides support for the neck and shoulders allowing to sleep comfortably in any position and wake up fully rested and refreshed.


✅   ERGONOMIC AND COMFORTABLE: The Sleeping Roamer™ Air Pad is built with air-support cells that limit air movement and heat loss. This ingenious cubed surface design fits the body’s natural curves and allows to sleep in any position always feeling comfortable.

✅   FAST INFLATING AND DEFLATING: The Sleeping Roamer™ Air Pad comes with a built-in air pump and an easy deflating system. This mechanism allows inflating the air mattress much faster and deflating it in seconds with a simple press of a valve making it efficient and saving time.

✅   PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The Sleeping Roamer™ Air Pad is extremely compact, light, and smaller than a water bottle. The Sleeping Roamer™ only weighs around 500 grams and comes with a storage bag which allows it to be easily stored in a backpack and be carried anywhere comfortably.

✅   EXTREMELY DURABLE: The Sleeping Roamer™ Air Pad is built with strong double-layer nylon fabric with TPU coating. This innovative rip-resistant fabric adds an extra layer of puncture protection making the Sleeping Roamer™ Air Pad excellent for years of camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

✅   AIR LEAKAGE PROOF: The Sleeping Roamer™ Air Pad is designed with intelligent air valve leak technology. Its double-layer valve system allows the air to remain inside the mattress during the night, without the need to pump more air every day avoiding additional work and ensuring always a good night’s sleep.

✅   WATERPROOF: The Sleeping Roamer™ Air Pad is made with a cutting-edge impermeable material. This water-repellent fabric not only protects the air pad from the wet floor or humid grass but also allows to use it as an inflatable pool mattress providing hours of pure joy in the water.

✅   BUILT-IN PlLLOW: The Sleeping Roamer™ Air Pad comes with an integrated practical inflatable pillow. This useful add-on provides great support for the neck and shoulders allowing to comfortably sleep in different positions and move freely during the night without having to worry about rolling out of the mattress.



We understand how difficult it can be to maintain a good mood and high levels of energy when we don’t have the proper sleep on our camping or hiking trip. It can be very frustrating and uncomfortable to go to sleep after a hard day of intense activity and have to lay down on the hard, rocky, and cold ground underneath us, and wake up with a sore back! A recent study revealed that back pain interferes with staying asleep through the night and decreases the effect of restorative sleep.

With the Sleeping Roamer™ Air Pad, we can now enjoy all the support and cushioning needed to have a good night's sleep regardless of whether we are sleeping in the woods or camping at a festival. The Sleeping Roamer™ with its air leakproof technology distributes the air evenly across the pad making it adaptable to every sleeping position allowing us to have a comfortable sleep on any type of surface. Now we can sleep soundly under a dreamy, starry sky without giving up the comfort and rejuvenation of sleep.





Material: Nylon and TPU Fabric
Unfold Size: 190 cm x 48 cm x 5 cm
Packing Size: 27 cm x 10 cm x 10cm 
Weight: 550 g



(1) X Sleeping Roamer™ Air Pad
(1) X Carrying Bag
(1) X User Manual

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