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SpectroSeal - Space-Age Device That Repairs Anything Broken!

SpectroSeal - Space-Age Device That Repairs Anything Broken! - King E-Market City

SpectroSeal - Space-Age Device That Repairs Anything Broken!

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I’m an engineer at a big company and I work with some of the smartest guys on the planet. When we say you need to be a “rocket scientist” to understand something, we have actual “rocket scientists” working here, and those people are sharp.

They know everything and are up to date on everything.

So I want to tell you a little story first.

I’m into vintage stuff. I like vintage cameras, old stereo stuff, and old cars. I can work on most things.

One of my favorite things was an old pair of audiophile headphones from the 1970’s. They have the sweetest sound you ever heard, and there are probably less than a hundred of them left on earth. I bought mine on eBay.

So one day I was listening at home with these headphones and my kid came to play with me. It wasn’t his fault, but he knocked the headphones off my head, and they fell to the floor and broke.

Damn! They broke right at a stress point, where the earpiece attaches to the frame. I knew I could never get any parts to fix it.

I tried everything. Super glue, epoxy, special contact cement. Nothing would hold for more than a few minutes.

I even tried taping it together, but that looked ridiculous, and even a few layers of uncomfortable tape didn’t hold for more than a short listening session.

I just about decided that I would have to retire my favorite headphones.

Then something came to me. At work, we had these 3D printers. I had a buddy there who might help me PRINT the part that I needed

I Discovered The Greatest Bonding Material In The World!

So I put my broken headphones into my backpack and brought them to work.

My buddy Rick is one of the guys that designs electric engines and figures out how to mount them to car bodies.

I showed him my headphones and asked him if he thought it was possible to print a part to fix them.

Rick laughed. “I’m going to fix them right now, in two minutes!” he said

“Dude,” I replied. “I already tried everything. I tried epoxy, super glue, everything!”

“Just watch,” Rick said.

Rick told me to hold the broken headphone parts together. He took this little stick out of his desk, and then squeezed on some clear stuff onto the break point (just a tiny bit).

Then he turned the stick around and pushed a button. A little blue UV light came on, and Rick shone it on the break point.

“Fixed,” Rick told me.

I gingerly took my headphones and put them on. They fit perfectly. I pulled on them a little harder, just to see what would happen. The headphones flexed, but the bond held.

I even took them off and pulled hard. Friggin A! IT WAS FIXED!

“And it’s stronger than new!” Rick proudly exclaimed.

“This stuff that I used to fix your headphones is called SPECTROSEAL. It’s a special polymer that cures with UV light. It’s the same kind of stuff we use to make aircraft and car bodies. This is not really ‘glue,’ it’s on another level!”

Rick told me where I could buy SPECTROSEAL online. He told me to buy the genuine product, not some cheap imitator that would not be as strong.

SpectroSeal Is Perfect For Anything I Have That Breaks! Here’s What I Learned Online!

It dries (or “cures”) only when exposed to UV light. The UV wavelength is a catalyst for a photochemical reaction which causes the polymer to harden, almost instantly. In most cases, the polymer will harden when exposed to UV light for only three seconds, although some applications may recommend exposure for ten to fifteen seconds to provide optimum bonding adhesion.

UV glue curing is gaining popularity over other methods of bonding such as drying or exposure to chemicals, because curing is quick and consistent, providing an instant hardened surface with no harmful chemical exposure.

UV curing of glues and polymers is used in a vast number of commercial, industrial, and even residential applications.

Some applications that utilize UV glue curing include:

  • ☑️ Decorating of Plastic or Glass.
  • ☑️ Printing.
  • ☑️ Automotive Applications.
  • ☑️ Plumbing.
  • ☑️ Graphic Arts.
  • ☑️ Electronics.
  • ☑️ Boating.
  • ☑️ Manufacturing Processes.

Some common examples in commercial applications would be windshield repair or fixing leaking pipes. Manufacturing processes include assembly lines with parts undergoing UV glue curing, as well as in automotive applications such as curing inks on knobs or buttons for visual interior parts. The gloss provided by the UV process is superior to all, providing a clear and shiny print that is resistant to scratching, staining, or fading. The ability to apply this process to three-dimensional parts is a huge advantage, ensuring speed and efficiency to many manufacturing assembly lines in the automotive and electronics industries.

Endless Options With UV Curing Finishes

One big advantage to the finishes with UV curing is that it dries clear, allowing multiple layers if need be while sanding down the finish will provide an invisible “liquid plastic” unbreakable bond. Paint or stain can be applied to the finish, giving endless options for applications with various products.

Just a tiny number of things you can fix include mugs, car and truck parts, cameras, phones, computers and laptops, fishing rods, eyeglasses, and models.

It also works on wood, stone, plastic, ceramic, metal, and tons of other materials. Virtually anything you can think of!

Things That Were Formerly Unfixable Can Be Fixed In Seconds. You Will Never Want To Be Without SpectroSeal

I bought three for myself, so I wouldn’t run out. And I got a couple for my Dad, my brother, and a friend of mine who is also into vintage headphones.

In fact, I went home that day and fixed an “impossibly broken” pair of eyeglasses for my wife that she was about to replace.

The bond was super-strong, and they looked great!

There’s A Reason SpectroSeal Is Selling Out Fast. It Works!

The initial run was completely sold out to the public, and you should grab some and load up as soon as possible! It might be months before stock can be replaced, especially with the mess 2020 has been.

SPECTROSEAL’s next run is predicted to be even more popular than their first! And the first sold out so fast that it’s almost impossible to find one right now.

But there are still a few left in warehouses and that means the time to place your order is right now.


SpectroSeal are currently on an ongoing promo where you can get UP TO 50% OFF!

You’ll find hundreds of uses for it. I did! And I’m still finding even more uses every day. This is the 100% mind blowing product of 2020!

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