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SSS™ The Silk

SSS™ The Silk

SSS™ The Silk

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About Us❤️

Our goal behind SilkyShinySkin is for our community of consumers to have an easy, affordable, painless, and sustainable form of hair removal. SilkyShinySkin makes hair removal less complicated all around. SilkyShinySkin aims to make you the most confident, care-free version of yourself! 

Hair is a natural and amazing element of the human body – but that does not mean that we have to embrace it wherever it so chooses to grow. Our product makes it that much simpler to meet your individual needs for your skin. 

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The Silk™ Is painless. Simply Rub & Gone! Waxing and shaving is very painful, so we came up with an effortless hair removal device called the Silk™ 

New Way To Shave!

Summer is just around the corner! This is a new Safe way to shave. The Silk gets rubbed in circular motions, the hairs start clumping together and getting exfoliated off your body! This process is completely PAINLESS!

No More Painful Razor Burns & Strawberry Legs

 The Silk™ allows you to shave without having to worry about razor burns. Since The Silk™ exfoliates your skin, your skin will be smoother than ever! That means no Strawberry Legs!

Take The Silk Anywhere!

You can use this on the go! Forgot to shave a spot? We got You!

Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with your order we offer a Full Refund RISK FREE

The Perfect Gift

Summer is right around the corner make sure you pick one up for you or your loved one. No one wants razor bumps or strawberry legs!


How Long Does The Silk Last?

The Silk Lasts 10-12 Months❤️

Does It Hurt?

Nope The Silk Is Completely Painless!

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes We Do!

How Do You Clean The Silk

You Run The Silk Under Warm Water With Soap! Rinse And Repeat!

Does It Work On Short Hair

The Silk Works On ANY Hair Length

Will It Help My Legs?

Yes! Because of how the silk exfoliates while shaving your legs. Your legs will have healthy skin! Taking away the blemishes that waxing and razors cause!

What About Shipping Time?

Orders take 1-3 days to process and get delivered 7-14 days :)

How Long Does It Take For My Hair To Grow Back?

It can take 2-3 weeks for stubble to appear!

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