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SunGuardian™ - King E-Market City


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Never Get Into A Hot Stinking Car Again! Keep Your Car Cool and Protected Have Never Been Easier...

  • Universal fit
  • High performance double layer insulation
  • Reducing car interior temperatures
  • Protects vehicle interiors from heat and harmful UV rays
  • Ultra fast setup time
  • Minimal storage space required

Tired of setting and folding up a filmsy sunshade everytime you parked your car? Or perhapes you're not even bothered to set it up, and just endure the burning seat and hot steering wheel?

SunGuardian™ willl be the easiest sunshade you'll ever own and use, period.

It's designed to solve the most 3 common problem of traditional sunshade:

- Difficult and slow to set up
- Filmsy material and easy to fall, flakes after a certain time
- Takes up a lot of space to store


【Set Up In Seconds】 Set it up and fold it down in seconds.

【Compact Storage】 Conviniently fits into your door pockts or glove compartment.

    【Made To Last】 High quality high-hardness steel frame that are made to last.

    【Superior Material】 Japanese TiO2 houstin anti-UV UPF50+ layer

    【Robust & Flexible】Holds up well with its robust & reflexible skeleton structure.

    【Universal Fit】 Fits 99% of the vehicles.
    Fits 99% of vehicles, from a small Hyundai i30 hatchback to a large 8 seater Kia Carnival.

    * Does not fit a Tesla car due to its external LCD screen on the dashboard

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