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The HiFi Bluetooth Gaming Speaker

The HiFi Bluetooth Gaming Speaker - King E-Market City

The HiFi Bluetooth Gaming Speaker

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    ✔️This is the HiFi-class Bluetooth gaming speaker launched by Sony Ericsson this year. It has added a customized high-definition full-range speaker, designed a scientific acoustic space system, high-power dual speakers and dual diaphragms, which can easily cover the full range of high, middle, and low, and 4D stereo Brings excellent surround sound.

    ✔️Coupled with HiFi sound quality, footsteps and skill sounds can be clearly presented during the game, and the bass can be adjusted freely, making it easier to listen to the sound. While enjoying the shocking sound effects of the game, it will help you easily start the road to super god.
    ✔️Not only that, but the shape of the Sony Ericsson SH39 speaker is also quite cool, with a frosted shell, 1800R high-definition curved screen, and the addition of colorful laser lights, which is very interesting for games. At the same time, its series of mechanical axis buttons bring us a good adjustment feel during use.
    ✔️As a Bluetooth speaker, it uses Bluetooth smart chips and 5.0 Bluetooth technology. The barrier-free connection distance is up to 10 meters, ensuring clear and natural sound quality and clear levels. At the same time, there is no power supply and wire constraints, and it can be placed anywhere.
    ✔️And its compatibility is also very friendly, compatible with most Bluetooth devices on the market for Windows, Android, and Apple systems. Of course, it also supports multiple playback connection methods such as AUX audio cable, TF card, U disk, Bluetooth, USB sound card, etc., to meet everyone's various entertainment needs.

  • 1800R Curved Screen, colorful laser light, large HD mirror screen, mechanical axis button, frosted shell, time function display. 
  • HiFi Sound Quality covers the full range of high, medium, and low, with surround sound effects.
  • 6W*2 high-power dual speakers and dual diaphragm.
  • Compatible with mobile phones, computers, tablet Bluetooth devices.
  • Using Bluetooth smart chip, the sound quality is clearer and more natural. 
  • 4000mAh Long Battery Life, high-performance Large-capacity Lithium Battery, Standby for about 24 hours, Use about 6 hours.
  • Support AUX audio cable, TF card, U disk, Bluetooth, USB sound card connection, and playback.
  • Equipped with digital display, clock display, and alarm display. 


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