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TheMagicMoon™ Levitating Moon Lamp

TheMagicMoon™ Levitating Moon Lamp

TheMagicMoon™ Levitating Moon Lamp

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"I love astronomy, the cosmos, and gadgets, so I was naturally attracted to the TheMagicMoon™ Levitating Moon Lamp. Spoiler: I'm glad I got this moon lamp, because it's absolutely stunning in our home office. Overall, this levitating moon lamp works extremely well and makes for a unique decoration that creates an extraordinary ambiance in any room."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Bill Loguidice

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Home is the ultimate safe haven and is the place where relaxation and rest come to life. What gets put in a home has direct correlation to whether relaxation is possible, with the wrong thing in it, peace of mind pays the price. Lack of creativity in a homescape can be detrimental to emotional wellbeing and the ability to relax at home. 

TheMagicMoon™ floats and orbits just as the moon would in space, emitting a radiant glow that can transform any room. TheMagicMoon™ inspires creativity and relaxation through an awe-inspiring moon-based design. Upgrade the vibe of any room in the house with this unique design and enjoy a newfound peace of mind and relaxation at home!



UNWIND & RELAX: Nights will be transformed with the levitating moon’s warm glow, TheMagicMoon™ promotes relaxation and relieves stress. Turn on the lamp, open a book and enjoy the ultimate tranquility!

AMBIANCE: With TheMagicMoon™ setting a room's atmosphere has never been simpler, easily liven up any space with the push of a button. This in turn will promote creativity and good vibes, allowing for the ultimate nightly relaxation.

ENJOY BETTER SLEEP: TheMagicMoon™ puts off a luminescent glow that promotes positive vibes and relaxation. Not only does the levitating moon lamp look cool, having a warm light next to bed while sleeping allows for a better night's sleep! 

INSPIRE YOUR MIND: TheMagicMoon™ is the perfect solution for a lack of creativity and inspiration. Moon lamps promote creativity and wellbeing, making this moon lamp the ultimate creativity booster!

BEND GRAVITY TO YOUR WILL: Not only does TheMagicMoon™ depict the moon’s image down to its last detail, but the moon lamp also levitates just as the moon would around Earth's orbit. Providing the ultimate spectacle, viewable from the comfort of a cozy bed!





We understand how frustrating it can be to get home from work and want to kick back and relax, but not be able to! A poorly decorated home can impact everyday life, and contribute to things such as stress, poor sleep, and lack of creativity. A recent study showed that 80% of homeowners are unhappy with how their houses are decorated! 

Thankfully, with TheMagicMoon™ we have the perfect solution, unwinding at home has been simplified thanks to this moon lamp's relaxation- promoting design! TheMagicMoon™ is more than just a simple decoration, the moon lamp can transform any room with a radiant aura. Enjoy TheMagicMoon’s™ immense benefits such as increased creativity, decreased stress, better sleep, and transform your home today!




Base Color: Dark color, Light color (optional)

Material: PLA

Color: White

Diameter: 140mm

Light Source Type: LED

Light Color: White, Warm White, Yellow (adjustable)

Lamp Power: 3W

Suspension Distance: 15mm

Package Size: 215 * 215 * 178mm / 8.5 * 8.5 * 7.0in

Package Weight: 1197g / 2.6lb



(1) Moon Lamp

(1) Base

(1) USB Plug


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