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Tracermat™ - Advanced Tracer Mat

Tracermat™ - Advanced Tracer Mat

Tracermat™ - Advanced Tracer Mat

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"I'm an intermediate golfer and this mat is worth the investment! Made a noticeable improvement in reducing my slices and hooks on my swings. This alone made me hit the ball an extra 20 yards. This is very ideal for squaring your body as well! Would highly recommend this for any beginner and intermediate golfer." 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Connor P.



90% of slices or hooks are the results of a wrong clubhead path. Cutting the ball or coming from the inside will negatively affect golf games. For Beginners or even intermediate golfers getting a perfect hit on a golf ball is not that easy! Hitting the ball improperly just leads to creating bad habits which hinder performance later on. Golf is a very competitive sport that requires a decent amount of practice.  

The Tracermat™ is a sports mat, that will allow an analysis of each swing by showing the previous shot based on the appearance on the mat. The Advanced Tracer Mat™ utilizes specialized turf technology to help achieve a perfect golf swing, imprinting the path and the point of contact with the golf ball on the mat. Use The Advanced Tracer Mat™ for adjustments on certain skills achieving better impacts, distance, and form!  



Each swing path will be imprinted on The Advanced Tracer Mat™ so adjustments can be made if needed. Hitting the ball at the correct angle can improve distance by as much as 20 yards. 

Consistent use of The Advanced Tracer Mat™ gives solid form and an accurate alignment with the golf ball. Achieving better aim and a squared body before you swing. 

The compact design of The Advanced Tracer Mat™ allows it to be taken anywhere! Always have time to practice and become better whether it's in the backyard, in community parks, or at home.

The Advanced Tracer Mat™ is intended for all golf players at any skill level to enhance golf gameplay. Simply place The Advanced Tracer Mat™ on the ground and start swinging! 


We understand the difficulty of maintaining good form and staying consistent throughout your golf game. It can be frustrating hitting the ball and landing nowhere near the green. Being inconsistent takes away the ability from scoring pars and birdies causing you to lose games. A recent study shows an average golf couch charges 75-100 USD an hour! 
Fortunately, The Tracermat™ is the perfect assistant to enhance golf gameplay providing very desirable shots! With only a few rounds of practice, you will notice a considerable change in form, improving accuracy. Start to look forward, to scoring in the green with lower scores, and start to play with confidence! 


Packing Includes

(1) X Drawstring Pocket  

(1) X Advanced Tracer Mat

(1) X 2.5m Adhesive Magic Hook

(1) X 4 Nails



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