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Ultravamp-USB Chargeable Mosquito Lamp

Ultravamp-USB Chargeable Mosquito Lamp - King E-Market City

Ultravamp-USB Chargeable Mosquito Lamp

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Keep your home free of insects forever

Open windows in the summer attract all manners of nasty little critters. You don’t have to endure their presence anymore, with Ultravamp turned on, no mosquito survives for long.

You can easily kill all the buzzing intruders, just put Ultravamp in the center of the room and watch how its irresistible light lures and kills the insects one by one. It’s simple, quick and harmless for humans.

You can easily carry it to the villa and relax in its presence. Enjoy a summer free of mosquitoes and the like, keep your home protected at all times with just one push of a button!

Why Ultravamp is for you

Eradicate the intruders- Free your home from the blood-sucking pests, turn on Ultravamp to kill all the intruders overnight!

Itch-free living- Enjoy the relaxing days and quiet nights at home without having to endure the annoying buzzing or irritating itching ever again!

Free from fear- Don’t turn your home into a prison, keep the windows open in the summer without fearing what might come in!

Ultravamp is the ultimate choice- Forget about the nets and sprays, easily keep your home free of mosquitoes and any pests that fly through the windows!

High quality products:

UV lamp and suction fan: Adopted physical principle, special ultraviolet LED attracts mosquito, and this device encloses the mosquitos inside until death.

SAFE AND HEALTHY: Use the fan vortex to inhale the mosquito and make them impossible to escape, without any harmless, nontoxic chemical composition, recommended for pregnant women and children.

Very quiet device: Fight mosquitoes easily! The insecticide works silently (<35 dB) and can offer absolute tranquility.

Wide coverage area: this mosquito repellent lamp can cover a surface of 20 -45 square meters , just plug the USB cable to turn on the device, no setting need apply.Ideal for home or camping.

Easy to use and clean: Easy operation and charging with USB cable; Removable collection tray for hygienic and easy cleaning.

Tips for correct use

1. Please turn on the mosquito killer in the bedroom in advance (at least 3 hours), and do not turn it on until you sleep.

2. The effect is better when used in an unmanned environment, because human body temperature and odor can attract mosquitoes and avoid affecting the use effect.

3. This product uses a physical mosquito killer method, so the mosquito killer does not kill mosquitoes as soon as it is turned on.

4. Check the mosquito storage box at least 24 hours later. We use physical mosquito killers. The mosquitoes die by air drying and dehydration. Therefore, the process takes a certain amount of time. Do not open it frequently to avoid the escape of undead mosquitoes.

5. For the first use, please use it continuously for more than 48 hours. For daytime use, please close the doors and windows, draw the curtains, and ensure that it is used in a dark environment. Try to place it at a position about 1 meter above the ground. Do not use with lights/doors and windows. Put it in the air outlet of the air conditioner or electric fan. Please turn off other lights when killing mosquitoes to ensure that the mosquito killer is the only light source.


Type: mosquito lamp
Color: White, Black
Material: ABS/ shell plastic
Connector: usb extension power cord
Voltage output: 5 V
Rated power: 5 W
Dimensions: 19x13x13 cm
Wire: 110 cm
Area: 20-45 square metres


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