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UNDERGLOW™ - Vehicle Underbody Lighting Kit

UNDERGLOW™ - Vehicle Underbody Lighting Kit

UNDERGLOW™ - Vehicle Underbody Lighting Kit

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“This kit is beyond amazing. It comes with 6 led strips rather than your typical 4 led strip kit for more coverage. The brightness is unbelievable as well, you can definitely see it in the morning which is dope. Going on to the most important part, the 120 different effects you can choose from, the chasing effect is epic, you can customize the speed of the chase effect which is nice. Install was self explanatory & easy. Took me about 1 after I lifted my car off the ground. I already got so many compliments on the lights!!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Malik - NY
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Vehicle modification has become very popular among car enthusiasts as it transforms ordinary stock cars into something truly unique. But popular mods such as suspension upgrades, turbochargers, and sport seats are prevalent everywhere and have lost most of their appeal. Although these were popular, they do not add a wow factor that only a legendary modification can bring. Despite the aesthetic appeal of mods, they can be missed by observers and sadly remain hidden at night.

Introducing UNDERGLOW™, an improved underbody lighting kit with Smartphone control that adds vibrant illumination to the underside of a car, providing a seductively super cool look to any vehicle. Its carefully engineered bulbs are eye-catching and adopted by legendary racers such as Chase Elliott and Paul Walker. UNDERGLOW™’s innovative LED technology can also be set up to sync with a vehicle's sound system and fits on almost any pickup truck or car.


✅ FULL UNDERBODY COVERAGE: UNDERGLOW™ comes with 6 LED strips for all 4 corners of a vehicle's underbody. This unique feature provides total coverage for a more thrilling and breathtaking underglow effect!

STRIKING LED TECHNOLOGY: Each diode is designed with a unique 3-in-1 technology, providing 16 million colors, 200 modes, and even Soundsync. Needless to say, UNDERGLOW™ is the ultimate mod!

✅ ENGINEERED LED STRIPS: UNDERGLOW™ has been crafted with a waterproof and flexible PVC frame that can withstand high and low temperatures. It has been designed to provide superior performance!

ENHANCED VISIBILITY: With its exciting colors and adjustable brightness levels, UNDERGLOW™ provides another level of safety when driving. Relish every minute of the ride without any distractions!

We understand how disappointing it is having the same mods installed as other vehicles, with no true differentiation. Some mods are inconvenient, require a lot of time to install, and often come with a high price tag. It's also frustrating working with only 4 strips, missing the corners. Most underbody lighting kits are energy inefficient as they don't use diodes. Research shows that LED lights are 85% more efficient than their incandescent counterparts.

Fortunately, the UNDERGLOW™ underbody lighting kit has been designed with the car enthusiast in mind, transforming an ordinary vehicle into something beautiful, valuable, and symbolic. Its unique Soundsync feature emits light with each beat, breathing life and soul into a sound system! The thrill of UNDERGLOW™ is empowering, allowing a vehicle owner to enjoy the power and passion of driving a super cool car, a true extension of oneself!


Standard Car: 2 X 150cm and 4 X 60cm LED Strips

Pickup Truck: 2 X 180cm and 4 X 60cm LED Strips


(6) X LED self-adhesive underbody strips

(1) X bluetooth controller

(1) X installation tool set

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