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Window Cleaner Brush

Window Cleaner Brush - King E-Market City

Window Cleaner Brush

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Window cleaner, glass cleaning brush, used for double-sided cleaning of window magnets, window cleaning household detergent glass magnets

Warning: Please select according to the actual size of the glass, so as to avoid inconvenience due to too large or too small magnetic force.

Quick- response 

Q: is the quality good?

A: good quality, dare to promise, using ABS engineering plastics, with high impact resistance, high heat resistance, flame retardant and reinforcement is 3-5 times of the overall plastic strength

Q: How long can it be used? Will you lose weight?

A: the use of NdFeB and ferrite magnets is stable and can be used for a long time without losing magnetism.

Q: Is it easy to use? What is the effect?

A: friendly design, easy to hold, saving time and energy, easy to clean windows. If you have any questions, please contact customer service

Q: How to choose the right size?

A: you can choose the appropriate size according to the thickness of the glass to be cleaned. The measurement method is as follows:

Determination of glass thickness

Glass thickness = W-W X-W y

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